December 23rd, 2005

the truth


i recently found an mp3 that my brother and i had heard long ago when we were in new jersey for a brief stint. i had NO idea who did this track (i always have a hard time referring to some things as 'songs') and because i found it on the internet...i guess i STILL don't know for sure who did it...but it was about dr. who and had a drum machine and it was categorized in a hilarious manner by our cousin. good stuff.

it got me thinking though about dr. who and other crappy zero-funding shows that were forced to do things in a creative manner because of no money. i'd kind of like to see that show again now that i'm not as young and easily terrified.


i was scared of that damned show
it was british, for starters, which is spooky in itself
but those daleks were one of my first experiences with an absolutely crushing and uncaring enemy. it was horrible.

so i guess i want to see it again
the truth


how's this headline sound to YOU?

"Tenuous cease-fire in Sri Lanka threatened by two attacks"

is that the same as "Doritos Preservation Threatened By Eating Of The Whole Goddamn Bag"

sounds like it to me...

i'm outta work for a long weekend