Rob (comkilserv) wrote,

WHAT AN UGLY LINK...sorry...

first: can anyone help me out with just what the hell the spikey things shipwreck has are? my best guess so far is that they're those tire-stoppers one would put on either side of the tires on an aircraft (used as a weapon by indiana jones, if i remember right...or maybe the brunette lady that was better than the other two indy-chicks)

second: if i get a pistol that looks REMOTELY like the one that came with shipwreck am i BOUND BY LAW to paint it silver? i think i ought to be..

third: why did they ruin the gi joe franchise again? i keep forgetting. dragodonna and i saw a little of the saturday morning cartoon and we couldn't even tell which of the characters were FEMALE. and there was a robot dog that peed on something to save the day. and then it cried. i think. i was HORRIBLE.

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