the truth


1. i have yet to think of a FUNNIER word in the english language than the word "Goat" when explaining which letter you just said over the phone. the tone of voice and accent only makes it even more hilarious. there is some debate about whether or not "Goats" is funnier...but that's semantics that can be debated over an egg white omelette.

2. hey control_group - remember Jed? i just types a plate out that had J-E-D in it and thought of your BEST ROOMMATE EVER.

3. hey dragodonna - don't let me forget to find a flintlock pistol i can spraypaint silver and attach a rope laniard (-2 sp?) to. i also need to find that tattoo again...and get more quotes than just the one "well send my bones to davey jones!"

4. hey chairtomorrow - i haven't talked with you in a while. that blows.

5. hey assfingers - i hope your back is better and i hope all these "lj user=" things work

6. break's over
the truth


i just learned that my emergency buddy Joe here at work and i share an appreciation for old-time radio shows

i wish there were more old-fashioned radio shows here in my area

(meaning not only on sunday nights at 11pm)

has anyone else ever listened to one of those shows?
the mysteries!
the adventure!


back to work
the truth


by swimmingly i mean "it's gone fast because i have had disasters assigned to me that require enormous amounts of panicked help from my superiors who pretty much fix things while i stand still."

i hate that

it's not even like i got a chance to do something WRONG

oh well
i'll be on the phones after lunch

THAT will bring some excitement my way

the plan so far

is that i am going to see doom sometime tonight

i'm taking a dq employee out for his first shooting experience ETA at the range is ~11

i'm relaxing the rest of the time

someone post if they have comments on or interest in these plans

i'll be cheking again around 2:15

i wonder what that is in zulu time?
the truth

nothin' like a two-handed weapon AND a sling

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this ain't no party, this ain't no disco

yay for coffee
boo for dust
yay for moving up to the top floor
boo for disorganized moves
yay for not being important enough yet to be effected
boo for not being as good at my job yet as i ought to be
yay for HILARIOUS vehicle titling story
boo for not being sure of legality in posting it to the information superhighway
yay for having an excuse for visiting friends
yay for being almost not sick anymore
boo for wife maybe getting sick in place of me
yay for window seat on thursday